Ford KSL S1 Rear Bumper Replacement Incl Tow HitchBlack Mild Steel(PLEASE CONFIRM STOCK BEFORE CHECKOUT AND PAYMENT)


Winch bracket with integrated crumple zones
LED Fog Lights
LED Indicators
Rubber Fog Light Bezel
Rubber Head Light Insert

x2 Recovery Points
x2 Hi-Lift Jacking Points
Sand Blasted, E-Coated and Powder Coated
Winch Compatible
x2 Aerial Brackets
Split Pan design for improved airflow and maximum strength
Tapered wing design to increase approach angle
x3 Bottom Plates (stone guards)

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Bullbars are sometimes used as a platform for mounting spotlights and vehicle recovery winches. Radio antennas for equipment such as CB radios are often mounted onto bullbars,As a safety feature, traditional bars are built to protect the vehicle, which is considered less safe than allowing controlled deformation to absorb kinetic energy during a collision. Modern design of bullbars and roo bars has advanced, so some vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket companies now offer impact bars which integrate with the vehicle safety system, such as activation of airbags after collision with the bullbar.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 180 × 40 × 65 cm
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