Hella Black Magic LED Mini Lightbar 6.2˝ Single (Flood)


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Distinguished by the full blackout appearance and sleek design that stands out from the crowd with unmatched light output. This product family scored the highest dust / waterproof rating and the edgeless design prevents dust deposits from settling along edges. The long included cable allows for easy vehicle mounting. The Mini Lightbar comes as a Flood or Spot light and can be upright or pendant mounted or integrated into the body work or bumper.

This light bar is ready to brighten up your next adventure.

Ideal for:
• 4×4‘s, SUV‘s, Pick-ups, Buggy‘s, Quads, Trikes, Snow mobiles

  • Full blackout appearance
  • Sleek design avoids sticking of dust and rain
  • Compact design applicable for multiple locations
  • Aerodynamic design
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