RW4500C RUNVA WINCH – Steel Cable 4500lbs (2 041Kg) 12V


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Ruvna winch: Frequently asked questions:
1. Is there a warrantee on the winches: Yes there is a Limited Lifetime Warrantee on the winches. Remotes, ropes and cables are not covered,
but each scenario will be assed and addressed with the factory for feedback on any claims. T&C’s apply.
2. Do we import spare parts: Yes we do and regularly add to the spares needed for any usage.
3. Can we expand on the range: Yes we can expand on the range, any feedback from you our customer will assist in expanding.
4. Upcoming fleet deals: Yes, we can consider fleet/bulk sales with forecast planning.
5. Minimum breaking strength of the synthetic ropes, usually the minimum breaking strength must be at least 1.5 times of the winch rated
line pull, then this rope can be used on the winch:
6mm thick x 12.5/14.5m long = 7200lbs
11mm thick x 25m long = 12000/13000lbs = 25000lbs
12mm thick x 25m long = 28000lbs
6. Can you put a 9500lbs synthetic rope on a 12000lbs winch: No, absolutely not recommended.
7. Can you put a 12000lbs synthetic rope on a 9500lbs winch: Yes, it is possible.
8. Can I fit a 9500lbs or smaller winch in front of the Landcruisers? For Landcruisers the suggestion is to NOT go for a winch under 12000lbs.
9. Are our Runva winches from 9500lbs to 13000lbs low profile winches? Yes they are and fits on most bumper replacement bullbars.
10. Does our 9500lbs to 13000lbs electric winches come with 2 remotes? Yes, comes with a wired & wireless remote.
11. Can I buy Runva spare parts/accessories for other brands? You may if it’s compatible but it will not carry a warrantee.

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