Suzuki Jimny Wildog K9 Replacement Bumper 2018+(Courier Not Included, Please request separate quote)

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Suzuki Jimny Wildog K9 Replacement Bumper

Front Replacement Bumper

Wildog Accessories’ K9 Series front replacement bumpers are designed using 3D scanning and 3D CAD technology to better match the shape of the vehicle. The bumpers are much lighter and provide a sleeker fit than traditional front replacement bumpers.

  • Airbag compatible
  • Standard high lift jacking points
  • Standard winch and fairlead mounting (ATV Winch 4500lb)
  • Not compatible for all winches / compatibility depends on winch size
  • Standard Colour: Powder Coated (Ferro Grain Black)
  • Colour Coding options available.
  • No recovery points


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