Toyota Hilux & Fortuner 2016+ Auto Window & Mirror


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**NB Only works on models which have the driver window only option to Auto up the window, and will not work on the model that offers it for all 4 windows. If unsure, pop us a mail at

1. Auto window lifting
    after engine off and close the door, press lock key, front 2 and back 2 windows will lift successively(some lift at the same time)
2. Remote to drop windows
    in engine off status, press unlock-lock-unlock key, front 2 and back 2 windows will drop at the same time for the convenience of         heat cooling
3. Window lifting pause
    Press lock or unlock key during the window lifting, window lifting will pause
4. Window dropping pause
    press lock or unlockkey during the window dropping, window dropping will pause
5. Increase 4 windows lifting and dropping with one click
    4 windows in driver’s seat to lift and drop and pause with one click, buckle up window lifting button for 0.5s, the window will lift       to the top, window dropping keeps the same way with window lifting
6. 4 windows to seam(no limitation to operate)
    after engine off, press lock-unlock-lock key, 4 windows will seam with 2cm to ventilate
7. Waiting for someone mode
    after engine off and get off the car, press unlock-unlock-lock, only lock the car without lifting the window, be convenient for the         children in the car or waiting for someone on the road
8. Window lifting twice
    after remoting to drop the window for heat cooling, press lock key to only lock the car without lifting the window, which can make     the ventilation for the car in lock status, press lock key in a second time and the windows will auto lift
9. Auto folding the side view mirrors when locking the car
    after engine off and lock the door, press lock key, both side view mirrors will auto fold

10. Auto unfolding the side view mirror when unlocking the car
     in locking status, press unlock key, both side rearview mirrors will auto unfold

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