275/70R18 RENEGADE RT+ 125/112Q

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The Renegade RT+ is the all-new Rugged Terrain tire range in the Radar Tires Renegade family. This range is designed to give exceptional off-road performance coupled with on-road comfort and sophistication. On-road, this tire gives drivers superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride, while off-road it has the capability to go anywhere that a pure MT tire can. The Renegade RT+ offers both aggressive and rugged looks with great on/off-road performance. This tire range has been designed to be a combination between an All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain tire and offers the best of both worlds. The Renegade RT+ also features a Dual Sidewall design and gives drivers a choice of either the functional, mud penetrating dagger sidewall, or the unique, and funky skull and crossbones/pistons sidewall.

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Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 27 × 84 × 84 cm


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