Ironman 4×4 120W Solar Matt with regulator(PLEASE CONFIRM STOCK BEFORE CHECKOUT AND PAYMENT)

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Time camping isn’t spent, it’s invested. Camping and 4×4 go hand-in-hand. And with Ironman 4×4 Camping is made easier and even more adventurous! Like our LED camping lights or our handy silicone range that’s foldable and convenient. Making sure your campfire stories are comfy with our camping chairs. Rooftop tents, awnings and swags! Your camping check list is all here at Ironman 4×4!


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Using the very latest development in Solar Cell technology, The Ironman 4×4 black solar cells are 22.5% more efficient than most other cells on the market. More efficiency deliveries more Amp hours into the batteries.

Ideally suited for camping, four-wheel driving, caravanning, boating, and other outdoor activities to power a range of 12V DC accessories directly from your 12V DC battery.

The 120W solar kit has been designed for Australia’s tough conditions using high-quality components which provide excellent performance and reliability in and easy to use extremely compact solar kit


Extremely compact and lightweight
22.5% highly efficient SunPower™ monocrystalline C60 solar cells
6 x 20W panels, folding down to 40 x 30cm
12V Digital, 5 stage 15A PWM (pulse width modulated) weatherproof controller
50A heavy duty Anderson style plugs
5m Extension lead – twin core, 3.31mm2 with UV stable outer sheath
Heavy duty 9000D outer material
Carry handle with non-slip rubber grip
0.8m Extension lead with battery clamps
Easy to set up and use
Everything needed to charge your battery is included, except the sun!

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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