New VW Amarok Sports Bar Stainless 2023+ 250063T


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Artav Sports Bars are perfectly designed to fit with each vehicle model bin. Our Stainless Steel range is manufactured from premium 304 series marine grade stainless steel which we manufacture ourselves through our Tube Mills, ensuring the best quality material. These parts are mounted on approved base plates that have been designed in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturer to ensure they do not crack the vehicle bin. In most cases we use existing mounting points so that we do not need to drill bin. Endurance Testing, Salt Spay Testing and UV Testing are done to give the Sports Bar the Artav Quality Stamp. Artav Stainless Steel offers a 5 Year / 100 000km Warranty on its products which makes it the market leader in South Africa. All our accessories are locally manufactured in Durban from the Tube, through to the Polishing or Powder Coating, all aspects of manufacturing are proudly South African.

Artav Sports Bar has been ergonomically designed to be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Artav is the Number one manufacturer of Stainless Steel Accessories.

  • Locally Manufactured using Quality Materials – Automated Robotic Manufacturing
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 100 000km Endurance Tested
  • OEM Quality
  • ISO9001
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