D.A.G 50L Single Door Fridge




The D.A.G 50L fridge is ideal for a quick weekend away!

Some of the great features include:

– 3 Stage battery protection to prevent damage to your vehicle’s battery.

– Vehicles and home use (12v & 220V)

– Detachable battery pack last up to 4H – 24H ( Note optional extra) link below 

D.A.G 12V LITHIUM ION FRIGE BATTERY KIT 15 600 MAH – 4X4 Wholesalers Africa

– Shock proof for the toughest terrain.

– Includes Storage backets, drain plug and LED light as standard.

– Can handle a 45 degree angle when overlanding.

Power Supply:12/24V DC,100 – 240V AC

Total Capacity: 50L

Rated Current: DC 5.0A/2.5A AC1.2A/0.5A

Rated Power Input: 60W

Fridge/Freezer : -20 – 20 degree Celsius

Fridge Dimensions (L x W x H mm): 600 x 400 x 505

Net Weight: 15.7 kg

Gross Weight: 16.5kg

Noise Level: <45db

Warranty: 3 Years Standard or Extend your Warranty to 5years (additional R999)

Premium warranty 

D.A.G 5 YEAR PREMIUM WARRANTY – 4X4 Wholesalers Africa

( in order to be covered for this warranty you would need to register your purchase at this link 4X4 Wholesalers Africa)

Part Number: 4x4WA-FR50LSD

Warranty T & C

Please note Warranty periods below:D.A.G Standard Warranty: 3 Years 
D.A.G Premium Warranty: 5 Years (3 years Standard + 2 years)For the duration listed below, starting from the date of purchase, D.A.G® assures to the “end-user” that its products are free from material workmanship flaws.

If a problem arises with a product within the allotted time, D.A.G OUTDOOR® will fix it or replace it. This time frame will start when the “end-user” buys the product.

Once it has been delivered back to the original, authorized dealer, it is our responsibility to either fix or replace the defective part or unit.

As long as they are located within 100 kilometers of a large city or town in South Africa, products that are considered to be “built-in” or “fixed” will be repaired there. Products outside of this range will only be covered by a parts warranty.

Unless an authorized D.A.G OUTDOOR® salesperson obtains written authorization, this guarantee is only good within South African borders.

A D.A.G OUTDOOR® Authorized Service Center must handle warranty repairs. D.A.G OUTDOOR ® disclaims all responsibility for any reimbursements, claims, or losses that may arise from product repairs that were performed without authorization.

The right to an extension or renewal of the warranty period is not granted by repair or replacement performed in accordance with the conditions of this warranty. In accordance with the provisions of this warranty, functionally identical service exchange units may be used to complete repairs or direct replacements of the product.

The warranty is only valid when the original sales slip or invoice with the information on the date of purchase, the name of the dealer, the model, and the serial number of the product is shown.

In the event that this information has been altered or removed since the product was first purchased from the dealer, D.A.G OUTDOOR® has the right to decline warranty coverage.

EXCLUDED from the warranty in particular:

routine inspections, upkeep, repairs, and part replacements because of normal wear and tear.

Damage that occurs accidentally as a result of improper handling, regular wear and tear, poor installation, abuse or misuse, or negligence, including but not exclusively the failure to utilize this product for its intended uses or in accordance.

Defects brought about by using the product with accessories that D.A.G OUTDOOR® has not authorized for use with this product.

failure of the device brought on by improper installation or use that does not follow the guidelines given in the product user handbook.

Accidents, natural disasters, lightning, flooding, fire, riots, inadequate ventilation, power fluctuations, etc.

alteration of the product without authorization.

The product’s serial number has been changed, removed, erased, or rendered illegible.

This warranty cannot be transferred. None of D.A.G OUTDOOR® or its service centers shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages or breach of any express or implied warranty of this product; rather, this warranty shall be the purchaser’s “sole and exclusive” remedy.

The aforementioned guidelines are for warranty servicing; any costs related to repairs that are “specifically EXCLUDED” from the warranty conditions will be borne by the client.

Regarding the choice of the best servicing option and the identification of the problem, D.A.G OUTDOOR® reserves the right to make the final call.

The original product’s remaining warranty is assumed by exchange units.

The warranty for D.A.G OUTDOOR FRIDGES ® may be modified without notice.

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